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About Arbory Digital

Arbory Digital has deep experience with AEM that goes back to the days of CQ5. Arbory Digital Experts focus on helping companies leverage their digital experience platforms in an efficient and sustainable manner. Let us help you maximize the value of your marketing technology investment. Contact us today!

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2009 - 2010

Early Migrations

Arbory Digital’s story begins when Day Software asked for help migrating a CQ system from 4.2i to 5.2.5. This partnership led to a role leading the migration of Kellogg’s data from a custom-built system into CQ 5.3. While at Kellogg’s, Adobe purchases Day Software.

Passion is what drives us

Our strengths are deep rooted in the Adobe Experience Manager and Java software space

2010 - 2011

Global Bank's new CMS

With the success of the Kellogg’s migration, the World Bank reached out for help designing and implementing their new CMS (leveraging CQ 5.3). In June of 2011, led by an Arbory Digital founder, the first of many global subsites launched on their new platform.

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2011 - 2012

Upgrading adobe.com

As reputations grew in the industry, Adobe requested assistance leading their upgrade from CQ 5.3 to 5.5. Arbory Digital’s CEO worked with the Day CQ product engineering team to improve legacy functionality and test the not yet released 5.5 version. The upgrade of adobe.com was completed in March 2012 (just in time for Summit!) making it the first site world wide on CQ 5.5.

Passion is what drives us

Our primary focus is on helping our customers with major AEM projects so they can focus on their own business outcomes and success

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2012 - 2013

First AEM PhoneGap app

After migrating adobe.com, Ford hired teammates from Arbory Digital to architect and lead their new electric vehicle mobile application. The mobile framework, PhoneGap (recently acquired by Adobe) was used to implement MyFordMobile. The team worked directly with Adobe engineers to build the first application ever managed in AEM and built with PhoneGap.

2015 - 2019

Premier AEM support

For four years, members of Arbory Digital led Rackspace’s Application Support (RAS) for AEM service offering. They quickly built RAS into a premier support offering whose goal was to architect, deploy, migrate, support, monitor, and upgrade the largest and most strategic AEM deployments in the world. Among those who leveraged Arbory Digital’s expertise were the biggest names in the financial, automotive, manufacturing (and many more!) industries.

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February 2019

Arbory Digital Founded!

In February 2019, Bryce, and Peter founded Arbory Digital with a mission of providing their experience and knowledge to better serve the AEM community.

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