AEM Operations Support

Day-to-day operations support delivered by Arbory Digital Certified AEM Architects and Engineers. Our goal is to allow your team to focus on leveraging new features, generating new content, and creating unique digital experiences for your customers.

What is Arbory's AEM Operations Support?

Managing your AEM Environments

  • AEM Architect and Engineer Support
  • Software Updates
  • Caching Architecture
  • AEM Maintenance Support
  • Version Upgrades
  • AEM Security
  • Code Deployments
  • Ongoing Architecture Review
  • Ongoing AEM Configuration Review

AEM Maintenance Support

Workflow purge setting and results, Version purge settings, Tar compaction schedule and results, DatastoreGC schedule and results, Backup method(s)/schedule/test plan/test results, Custom code artifact clean up automation.

Ongoing AEM Configuration Review
  • Run modes
  • Datastore configuration
  • JVM memory settings
  • AEM-specific JVM options
  • Customized OSGi settings for the base system
  • Performing OSGi configuration changes

  • Arbory Digital best practices

Caching Architecture

  • Support for Dispatcher invalidation processes and configurations
  • Provide guidance around how to improve cache/hit ratios
  • Permission Sensitive Caching, Varnish
  • Other additional caches in place or in addition to Dispatcher, CDN

AEM Maintenance Support

  • Workflow purge setting and results
  • Version purge settings
  • Tar compaction schedule and results
  • DatastoreGC schedule and results
  • Backup method(s)/schedule/test plan/test results
  • Custom code artifact clean up automation


AEM Security

  • Dispatcher configurations based on best practices
  • Production-ready and secured AEM configurations
  • Web Application Firewall, proper network segmentation, SSL at the load balancer, SSL throughout (if required)
  • Verify known vulnerabilities are patched and new vulnerabilities are quickly addressed based on severity
AEM Experts at work
Review CI/CD Processes

Review sprints, ticketing, code review, merge process, deployments, and automation.

AEM Upgrade
Aem Help

AEM Architect and Engineer Support

In-depth support delivered by certified AEM Experts, AEM Architects, and AEM Engineers

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