AEM Upgrades

Content management is constantly evolving. Do not get stuck on a legacy version of AEM or an outdated system! Our experts will review your strategy, and help you orchestrate a plan to improve or upgrade your DXP.

What can our AEM Experts do for you?

A complete review of your AEM Systems and Processes

  • Existing Environment Review
  • Code Compatibility Review and Upgrade
  • Upgrade Project Planning
  • Content Migration
  • Examine Infrastructure
  • Legacy Content Review & Purge
  • Review Content Hierarchy
  • AEM Services and Bundles
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud and External Services
  • Identify pain points
AEM Marketing Technology Experts
Aem Experts

Code Compatibility Review and Upgrade

  • Enterprise code audit
  • Review any library depreciations between AEM versions
  • Lead (or help with) your custom code upgrades to enable the latest AEM features and functionality
Aem Help

Upgrade Project Planning

Arbory Digital will review your current AEM deployment and determine the required steps and processes needed to complete an AEM upgrade and/or migration to ensure the least amount of disruption to your AEM Production instances.

Ideally, an upgrade is as simple as switching DNS from the legacy environment to the newly tuned instances. Rollbacks in Production should be just as trivial and risk-free.

AEM Improvements

Review Content Hierarchy

  • Review your existing content hierarchy (both existing content as well as any policies)
  • Review any AEM bundles or AEM services and ensure they are working as expected within the newly upgraded environment

Legacy Content Review & Purge

  • Review your existing content and provide guidance on how to reduce your unnecessary data
  • Help your team find high-value content faster while reducing your storage footprint


AEM Content

Content Migration

Whether using CRX2Oak, VLT, or any other method that is best suited for your specific migration. Arbory Digital will plan the move of your existing production data from your legacy environments to new environments.

Adobe Marketing Cloud and External Services

Have Arbory Digital review and update any Adobe Marketing Cloud integrations and configurations as well as any external 3rd party services.

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