AEM as a Cloud Service

Content management is constantly evolving. Do not get stuck on a legacy version of AEM or an outdated system! Our experts will review your strategy, and help you orchestrate a plan to improve or upgrade your Digital Experience Platform.

What can our AEM Experts do for you?

What needs to be done for you to move to AEM as a Cloud Service?

  • Review any custom services
  • Existing Environment Review

  • Code Compatibility Review and Upgrade

  • Content Migration

  • Examine Infrastructure

  • Legacy Content Review & Purge

  • Review Content Hierarchy

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud and External Services
  • AEM Services and Bundles

  • AEM Assets Microservices

Aem Help


Are you ready/able/prepared to migrate to Cloud Service? Is it worth moving to Cloud Service? Why should or shouldn’t you move to the Adobe Experience Cloud?

Once these questions are answered:

  • Learn about notable changes and deprecated features
  • Understand how to plan for the migration to Cloud Service
AEM Improvements

Benefits of Moving to Adobe's Cloud Service

AEM as a Cloud Service provides a scalable, secure, and agile Digital Experience Platform

AEM CS has a potentially lower cost of ownership

AEM as a Cloud Service offers seamless daily maintenance updates and monthly feature updates

Your CMS will always be up-to-date and you will work with the most recent innovation offered by the tool

Drawbacks of Moving to Adobe's Cloud Service

Cost of migrating to AEM Cloud

Some features that are available on AEM 6.5 are not available on the new platform

Custom Components and Solutions might not be compatible with AEM as a Cloud Service

Adobe is in control of your AEM platform data and management

AEM Marketing Technology Experts
AEM as a Cloud Service

Phases to migrate to AEM as a Cloud Service

  • Readiness

  • Planning and Setup

  • Implementation

  • Go-Live

Adobe Marketing Cloud and External Services

Arbory Digital can review your AEM implementation to gauge the level of changes required in order to move it to the cloud.

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