AEM Health Assessments

Performant, responsive, and highly available Adobe Experience Manager environments are what we strive for at Arbory Digital, allowing your teams to focus on business initiatives and outcomes.

What is an AEM Health Assesment?

A complete review of your AEM Processes

  • AEM Configuration Review
  • Architecture Review
  • AEM Services and Bundles
  • Server Configuration Review
  • Content Structure Review
  • Review CI/CD Processes
  • Examine and Audit Caching
  • Architecture

Architecture Review

Examine architecture diagrams, processes, flow diagrams, support workflows. Review artifacts from migration (if applicable). Coordinate with various stakeholders, users, developers about their understanding and ideas for a future state. Identify points of complexity, performance challenges, and unnecessary or redundant customizations where possible.

AEM Migration
Aem Experts

AEM Services and Bundles

  • Verify bundles are running as expected
  • Identify any bundles that can be turned off
  • Identify additional AEM add-ons in use (Communities/Livefyre/Forms/etc)
  • Check for the bundle-version mismatch
  • Check for anomalies on the filesystem compared to what is shown in the application
  • Recommend hotfixes or patches to improve functionality and performance

Server Configuration Review

  • Region layout
  • General sizing recommendations
  • Identify resource bottlenecks
  • Storage configuration/performance
  • Operating system performance tuning options

Content Structure

  • AEM Content Structure and Repository Layout
  • Determine if content problems are frequently introduced and how
  • Repository layout review
  • Clean up, and structure changes as needed
AEM Content

AEM Configuration Review

  • Datastore configuration
  • JVM memory settings
  • AEM specific JVM options
  • Run modes
  • Customized OSGi settings for the base system
  • Methods of making OSGi configuration changes
AEM Improvements
Review CI/CD Processes

Review sprints, ticketing, code review and merge process, deployments, and automation.

Aem Help

Examine and Audit Caching Architecture

Examine Dispatcher cache ratio, invalidation process, and configuration. Audit and determine opportunities for improvement. Permission Sensitive Caching, Varnish, or another additional cache in place or in addition to Dispatcher, CDN. Verify intermediary application caching options including EHcache, Redis, etc.

AEM Experts Programing

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